Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What should be the attributes of the leader ?

There is no doubt that the change in the society is brought by the people who are adored and admired by the society or who exercise political power. In the past the medium of change were kings, and the people around him, but now with the changing pace in time new personalities and faces have taken the role. Things move on and it’s like this. People might feel uneasy with the change; however with the passage of time, due to the increasing number of the supporters of change, things tend to be normal again. Unless and until any obstruction occurs in one’s life and survival, one doesn’t pay any attention on the tendency of change. This tendency goes on accepting the newness and new ideals. If we take an example of religion, several activities of the past might seem anti-religious at present. For instance, in the name of Hindu religion there was ‘Sati System’- widow woman/women were burnt alive in the funeral pyre of their dead husband, with only a general white cloth on their body after offering all their jewelry in the nearest temple. This custom continued for centuries. Our numerous mothers had undergone such a horrifying fate, they accepted this evil fate, and surrendered their life without protesting it. It was as if going against religion, traditions and customs. The people in the society believed that if they would go against of it, it would create trouble. The law of the nation was also made in the same way. Slowly and steadily people became aware that this ‘Sati System’ was inhuman which may minimize the number of women in the society and affect the reproduction cycle.  The various logics like society can’t run without women and the consciousness that to burn human alive can’t be religion; helped not only to suppress these dreadful tendencies but also to eliminate them. If anyone at present talks in support of the ‘Sati System’ which was regarded as religion in the past, the others will doubt whether s/he is sane.  The change in the level of conscious occurs in this way. The meaning of reformation is not only to replace old traditions by new ones; rather it should bring about the change in the level of consciousness of people. Furthermore, it should help in the overall development of humanity.
 True leaders should try to discourage the fallacy and superstitions by finding them and eradicating them from the society. True picture of humanity can then only be brought in front of the world. But the sad part is that, people enjoy status quo. Anything that tries to stir them from their deep slumber is protested. Everywhere great changes have been protested. We can take the example of the renowned scientist, Galileo who was nearly burnt alive for his statement that the earth moves around the sun. It was so in the past and so it is in the present. To take another illustration, the first flight of the Wright Brothers was ridiculed by the society. They claimed that such a heavy thing will never fly. This sort of predisposition against change is unfortunate. We should all try to remove such tendencies so that a better society can be envisioned.
The tendency of every activities of human being should be to touch the height of humanity, to achieve the human sentiment and to get rid of animalistic instinct. If we don’t analyze whether we became successful or not and if we thought just to make things done then we must accept that there is weakness in leadership. This applies on every sector of life, viz. social, religious, spiritual, political, educational, and administrative sector. Generally, we don’t pay attention on these issues, due to which, we are enforced to live in the state of darkness, ignorance, poverty and lack of consciousness. We should always focus on achieved or achievable goals otherwise we will be out of track from our path.
 General leaders can be found in any part of the world; however honest and true leaders are rare. The sad part is that, they are confined in narrow thinking and reticence, instead of philanthropy and generosity. Instead of the welfare of society and the benevolence of world, the interest of self and certain group is being promoted everywhere. People are used to regretting lost opportunity and time. The loss of one opportunity means the waiting of many monotonous days for the opening of new doors and possibilities.
Farsightedness should be the quality of a leader. Successful people are goal oriented. One should not flow with emotion and feelings rather they should move forward according to their reason and rationality. True leaders practice equality and do not discriminate between human beings. The love  for such leaders by their followers is long lasting on the contrary the appreciation for false leaders is who create division in humanity is only temporary like the bubbles of water. Every leader should think of future, how s/he wants to be remembered- praised or cursed. The leaders who want to make their name in the golden book of history from now on start working for the betterment of society, country and the world. Otherwise, s/he will just be like some another nameless creature crawling on the mother earth.
-Translated by: Hari Raj Adhikari

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